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Sturgeon Community Hospital & Health Services Centre

201 Boudreau Rd.

Phone: 780-418-8200

The Sturgeon Community Hospital is part of AHS Edmonton zone. The following services can be accessed at the Sturgeon Community Hospital & Health Services Centre:


Emergency – 24-hour emergency service is available. About 50,000 patients pass through the doors of emergency services annually.


Adult day program – Consists of a medical rehab program and a cognitive program. Clients attend the day program two days per week.  


Allied Health & Rehabilitation Services – Mental health, social work, spiritual care and dietitian support-services are available for in-patients and their families as required.


Audiology services – Standard hearing assessment and follow up for individuals over six months of age, follow-up recommendations and management of hearing loss, and auditory processing assessments for individuals over seven years of age.


Critical care – Includes intensive (ICU) and coronary care (CCU) beds. Critical care services are offered for complex medical/surgical and coronary care patients.


Diabetes education – The Diabetes Education Centre provides education and follow up to help people with diabetes manage the disease.

The program is offered throughout the year on an outpatient basis.


Diagnostic Imaging – Includes computed tomography, fluoroscopy, general radiology and ultrasound.


Lab services – Both inpatient and outpatient services are offered.


Medicine – Acute care is provided in the hospital’s medicine program. The inpatient beds are available for those with a wide range of illnesses and conditions.


Outpatient services – These are services where the patient comes to the hospital for treatment but does not require admission. Services include diagnostic and minor surgical procedures and follow-up treatments after a medical or surgical stay, other services including general and internal medicine, rheumatology, general surgery, orthopedics, IV therapy and endoscopy. Outpatient cardiology services are also offered including pacemaker, Holter monitoring, stress testing and chest pain clinics.


Rehabilitation – Physical therapy, occupational therapy and respiratory therapy services are provided for inpatients. 


Surgery – The inpatient and day surgery beds support the surgical program which includes general surgery, orthopedics and gynecology.


Volunteer resources – Numerous volunteer opportunities exist in a wide variety of programs/ departments. 


Women’s health – The hospital has an LDRP model of obstetrical care. Delivery, recovery and care of the baby all take place in one room.


Mother and baby are together all the time, and when they go home, they are visited by a healthy-beginnings nurse.


For health advice and information about other Alberta Health Services (AHS) programs, call Health Link Alberta at 780-408-LINK (5465).

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