Support Services

Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) promotes preventive social programs supportive to family, individual and community life.


St. Albert FCSS

#10, 50 Bellerose Dr.

Phone: 780-459-1756

 Fax: 780-458-1260

FCSS provides a community development function, neighbourhood development programs, the community resource program and supports 40 Developmental Assets.


Community Development A process whereby community members collectively build on strengths and generate solutions to community concerns. This active involvement promotes collaboration, social responsibility and a sense of purpose and belonging within our community.

Community Resource Program – Through the delivery of school-based workshops, presentations and working with identified groups, programs support the development of healthy school communities. Skills taught include healthy relationships, mutual care and respect and leadership skills.


Family and School Liaison Program – A cost-sharing program between FCSS and the school districts that provides free counselling services (780-459-1699 or 780-459-1749).


Neighbourhood Development Programs – A variety of initiatives and resources to help neighbours connect and work together to create strong and vibrant neighbourhoods. This includes the Neighbourhood Network, block parties and Celebrating Good Neighbours among others.


40 Developmental Assets – When our youth prosper, the entire community wins. Ensuring our city’s youth receive the support they need, succeed in school and steer clear of drugs and alcohol will lead to an even safer, friendlier community. This philosophy focuses on positive youth development. Asset building is a community-wide effort, something that can be accomplished in neighbourhoods like yours and by people like you.